“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Emerson

  • Jan 7, 2019


Being different now-a-days is more important than ever for creating a significant point of differentiation.
Regardless of your business model, there are a plethora of competitors all vying for the same business and yet the pie of opportunity is not increasing;


So why should I buy from you?

As you market your company; and you’re asked, “what makes you different?”

– (please do not say customer service – that should be a given.) 

What makes you uniquely special? What sets your company apart? 
When was the last time you took a hard look at what you are saying verbally, and what you’re articulating via your branding:
website, print collateral, email signature and even your answer machine message – what does it say about you?

Is the message consistent?

If a co-worker at your office were asked, ‘what is it that you do?’ – would your message be consistent with theirs and visa-versa?

Are you a catalog pusher, the balloon guy, the t-shirt lady?  Hopefully not! 
The clients we deal with daily are becoming savvier and in many cases are more in tune with our marketplace than we are - because of the internet.

So, blaze a trail of difference, when it comes to your marketing – blaze a trail of creativity, innovation and measurable results –
yes YOU CREATE your path and you blaze the trail of your own success.

You are in control, you can make a difference and only YOU can be the catalyst of change within your business. 
Imagine if everyone took that responsibility on how incredibly powerful our industry would/could be.

Many of you did this in 2018 – GREAT JOB!

But, it’s a New Year!

Blaze your own trail of success – the profitability on the other side will astound you!

Until next week, continued success, here’s to the trailblazers…CQ


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