“Don’t say that you could do it because you didn’t have time. The one’s that ‘did it’ only had 24 hours like you!” ~ Khangl

  • Apr 24, 2018

 When I read this, it slapped me in the face; it gave me cause to pause for just a moment to digest the message.

Yes, I am guilty of using this excuse, time now for me to buckle down, set priorities,
refine my time management skills and getting back on the rails.


What about you? Does this message resonate?
How will you rethink your schedule, reset your priorities?


Like each of you, I feel that I do a good job getting things done, yet
at times we get sidetracked and it begins to affect everything we do!


It’s not to late, the trick is to recognize it early; the journey back can be lengthy if you don’t catch it early.


I have some work to do, so until next week, continued success…Cliff