“Focus on listening. Listening is a sign of respect…a...

  • Nov 29, 2017

“Focus on listening. Listening is a sign of respect…a demonstration that people and their ideas are important…Listening enables you to build a foundation of trust that is essential to motivation”

~John Baldoni


Listening is a skill, a true skill, that when mastered is much better than speaking. A good listener is respected because a good listener gives respect through that action. A good listener has these qualities and characteristics…do you?


Makes great eye contact – eye contact is essential, ‘the eyes are the windows of the soul’, when you’re having a conversation with someone, stop and look intently in their eyes and ‘actively’ hear what they’re saying.

Doesn’t interrupt – listen to what the person is saying, doesn’t think ahead or anticipate what the person is going to say, interrupting is rude and off-putting.

Repeats for clarity – after the person is finished, they repeat back what they’ve heard is correct and there isn’t any doubt; this way you bring intent and clarity to the conversation.

Does what they say they will do – through the conversation if you agree to do something or provide information follow through, it speaks volumes about your character.

Are incredibly gracious – after the conversation, thank the person, reach out, shake their hand and let them know how much you’ve appreciated and enjoyed getting to know them or for the information they’ve shared.


Developing and honing these skills will help you gain further respect from friends, colleagues and clients – practice deliberate listening – the rewards will be long-lasting.


Until next week, continued success…CQ