“No Pressure, No Diamonds” - Thomas Caryle

  • Oct 8, 2019


“No Pressure, No Diamonds”
~Thomas Caryle
Scottish Historian and Essayist

You have NO IDEA!

No Idea how resilient you truly are!

Like diamonds, the true quality & characteristics appear when
pressure is applied. Some people crack, some give up, others thrive and
for those, the end-result is something amazing and remarkable

beautiful in fact.

The crazy thing, each of us can hold up under immense pressure;
that’s how we’re wired. So, if by chance you’re feeling under pressure
and it seems overwhelming, remember two things…

  1. Leverage Your Community for help and assistance, and…
  2. You’re stronger and more capable than you realize.

Here’s to the diamonds in the making; very proud of you!

Until next week, keep the pressure on and here’s to your amazing work. CQ