"Reprimand the Committee..."

  • Nov 13, 2019


“Tell the negative committee that meets inside
your head to sit down and shut up”

Ann Bradford

Sadly, we’re often our own worst enemy.
We listen to what others say about us, process the information
and begin to believe it.

Face it, you know if you’re phony; I err on the side that most people are honest and authentic
– however people that aren’t comfortable with their own lives love to bring others down.

These are the folks that create your, “In-Head Committee”!

Focus on the solid qualities you possess, turn a deaf ear to
the naysayers who’s only goal is to bring you down to their level.

You have a ton to offer the world; negativity only prevents you from
delivering on what will positively benefit others.

Time to focus on positive thoughts and the brilliance you bring.

Until next week, continued good selling - CQ 

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