“Secret to Success…

  • Nov 26, 2019


Secret to Success
Give Yourself Permission to Sometimes be Wrong”

James Altucher
Author & Speaker

It’s ok to strive for perfection but you’ll never be perfect…ever!
And that’s OK.

I’ve seen so many people cripple their progress in the quest
of perfection – it’s so counterproductive. However, don’t be easy on yourself either, 
or give yourself too many passes, that will only lead to mediocrity. 

There’s a wide gap between perfection and mediocrity; you should always strive
for the best in yourself, however when you miss the mark, reevaluate, look within,
ask yourself, how could I improve and move on.

Give yourself permission to be wrong, to make mistakes – it’s ok!


You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll grow through this process!


Have a great week and continued good selling! CQ