“The bad news is time flies…The good news is you're the pilot”

  • Nov 27, 2017

“The bad news is time flies…The good news is you're the pilot”

~Michael Altshuler

     There are very few constants in our lives and time is one of them. We cannot stop it, control it or harness it. We can capture moments in time by archiving our thoughts with the written word, photos and video – we can reflect on those times and reminisce, but the reality is when that time passes it’s gone.


     Time can be equated to opportunity. How much time (opportunity) has blown away? How many times have you said “…would ‘a, should ‘a, could ‘a done something?” Yes, often times, many times, we allow opportunities to merely slip away because we don’t take control and make decisions. You ARE the pilot of your life; you have choices; YOU, nine times out of ten, can direct where you go and how you arrive.

  • What was the time that you said in hind sight, ‘wow I should have done that’…why didn’t I do that?
  • How often have you NOT taken the initiative or made excuses for not making that one last phone call or sales call on Friday afternoon?


     In each of those situations, you were the driving force behind that decision – you were the pilot. What prevents you from going the distance, making the right choice, making the next call, sending that next thank you – or just telling someone in your life, whether a client, co-worker, friend or family member that – “hey, you make a difference being in my life”.


     The ‘good news is’ that you are indeed the pilot – so take control of your life, your decisions – pick up the phone, make a call and tell a friend, client or love one – how important they are to you!


     Make the best of your time…every day – you’re the pilot!


Until next week, continued success…CQ