There comes a time in one’s business where it’s important to reach out and seek professional guidance. Cliff Quicksell brings a wealth of credible knowledge and tools to small business entrepreneurs through his one on one consulting sessions. Some issues require a minimum amount of time, other situations demand far greater time commitments to find solutions. For that reason, Cliff has developed multiple time block levels to satisfy the needs of his clients.       

Please call 301-717-0615 or email Cliff and discuss his availability,

Potential discussion points: Sales and Marketing Strategies, Preliminary M&A, Hiring and Training Staff and Salespeople, How to Compensate Salespeople, New Product Launches, Development of Creative Marketing Campaigns, Budgeting, Sales Growth Strategies.

Cliff offers new clients 15 minutes of free initial consulting to determine if it’s a fit for both parties.

Consulting Grid Pricing

 All fees are paid up-front, in-full, before consulting begins. Payments can be made via check or via Zelle©. We keep copious notes on each conversation/discussion, Cliff will provide you an updated spreadsheet at any time that details discussions and the timeframe spent. 

I can be reached at 301-717-0615 or
if you have any further questions.