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Cliff Quicksell

I am on a mission to squash the mediocrity and fear that runs rampant in small businesses. A writer, consultant, and speaker, I bring real-life lessons to leaders and sales teams who are tired of hearing "can’t" and are ready to stop letting others dictate the boundaries of their success.

When I sit down with a business owner or deliver marketing and leadership seminars/keynotes, we won’t be talking theory. I have lived the perils & successes of a small business – nearly going bankrupt 5 times, building multimillion-dollar equity positions, and winning 50+ awards for creative marketing campaigns.

As a consultant for many organizations, I provide motivation, marketing, and sales strategies to elevate brand perception for more than 700+ affiliate businesses and hundreds of sales and marketing professionals. If you are a business owner in any industry looking to exponentially grow your business, Cliff can help. 

As an international speaker, my real-world dynamic approach and infectious passion for challenging the status quo gets small business and franchise organizations back on the road to achieving their true potential. He can help you too!


Keynote and Workshop Topics

10 Secrets to Small Business Success and Profitability©

"Most businesses start without a plan letting their entrepreneurial spirit drive their success. There does come a time where the business begins to take over and seemingly gets away from the owner. Frustration, angst, and confusion creeps in and the business is now driving the owner. This seminar will bring to light some points that when honed can get your business back on the right track, putting you in complete control once again, where you now run the business."

Your SALES & Marketing Portfolio, How Well Is Yours Performing?©

"Your financial portfolio can make or break you in an instance, especially if you are not keeping your eye on how well it is or is not performing. Your sales portfolio has many of the same characteristics, which clients are volatile, high risk? Which should you dump? Where do you place most of your assets – time and marketing, to ensure the greatest return on your investment? This seminar will help each attendee determine how well his or her sales portfolio is performing and way to get that portfolio into shape and balance to ensure maximum profitability."

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"A HUGE thank you to Cliff for speaking at our November Luncheon this week! Cliff was incredibly engaging and brought unique marketing ideas and techniques backed by real life examples of them WORKING! There was zero doubt that everyone in the room left motivated and armed with some fantastic ideas to incorporate into their business. We had two prospective members in the audience, and afterwards both said that they were definitely joining our regional association if this is the type of speakers and content we provide. If your event needs a spark of enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism, Cliff is your guy." ~ Jarod Thorndike


"I can't say enough about how great it was to work with Cliff. He was a fantastic, engaging keynote with tons of interesting content! Cliff is just one of those people you love to listen to. His presentation was bursting with energy and packed with unique ideas and real-life examples that left the audience inspired. When your attendees stand up with tears in their eyes to thank your speaker, you know he delivered." ~ Cassondra Franze - Executive Director, PPAS

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