"I have engaged Cliff Quicksell a dozen times over the last 14 years. I know him as a world class consultant, motivational speaker, sales leader and coach, and perhaps the preeminent authority on the promotional products industry, in the US and abroad. He has helped countless manufacturers and suppliers navigate the turbulent waters of the industry and propel their businesses to new heights.
As CEO of Dixon Ticonderoga Company, I hired Cliff to revitalize our promotional products business and solidify our relationships with the 1500 distributors acting as our agents in the marketplace. As is customary for Cliff, he quickly analyzed the current situation, presented his carefully crafted plan, solicited and secured the necessary resources and executed the plan with his trademark sense of ownership and accountability.
In short, Cliff leveraged his vast knowledge, superlative reputation and personal contacts in the promo channel, to make a real impact in a very short interval, despite significant obstacles.
Although hired as an outside contractor, Cliff masterfully engaged team members as if he were an insider, at multiple levels within the organization; always in a constructive and collaborative manner.
If you are looking for a market-oriented professional, either as a consultant or an employee, that will roll up his sleeves, give candid and expert advice and significantly impact your business, you should hire Cliff.
I highly recommend Cliff Quicksell for any senior management position or consulting opportunity for your company."

  • Don Currie
  • Former CEO Dixon Ticonderoga

"Having known Cliff, back when he first was at APPA over 10 years ago and reading his books, I’ve had the privilege to attend his sessions at PPAI every year, listen to his many podcasts and read his blogs, as well as follow him on Facebook and Linked In. When I have reached out to Cliff to share a coffee with him during my PPAI visits, nothing has ever been a hassle. He has always been welcoming to share his ideas and talk about how to better the industry. His passion and commitment to our industry is amazing, and now I am so glad to see him doing the same down under here in Australia. Since connecting Cliff and APPA together, our Australian members have benefited from hearing him talk on numerous podcasts, including one today (March 8, 2018), and the feedback has been amazing. A true pioneer within our industry and someone who can support anyone at all stages of the promotional products business scale, I would highly recommend Cliff as a great mentor, coach and inspirational part of our amazing industry. Thanks Cliff for your support."

  • Robert Williams
  • APPA Vice-President & Board Member

"Cliff, Thank YOU for doing such a FABULOUS job in Orlando… I just saw your scores and comments (which I believe Kerry sent to you as well) and they are off the charts – you killed it! I really appreciate the level of talent, energy and professionalism you bring and you make me so proud! Michele"

  • Michele Bell
  • ASI

" Cliff, I have been exposed to professional corporate speakers for the last 30 years. Your presentations during the ASI Show in Orlando were by far the most impacting and useful. Thank you for the energy you shared with us. It really helped me solidify a vision I had had. I WILL be in touch, Sincerely, Ramses"

  • Ramses Rodriguez
  • Rising Performance Marketing & Business Solutions

"Dear Cliff, Thank you so much for speaking to us about "innovative and creative marketing techniques" today! We appreciate all of your tips, wisdom and consulting offer, you'll be hearing from us in the near future. Thanks again for your wit, wisdom, and inspiration. Much success to you"

  • Speaker Academy Class of 2018
  • National Speakers Association - DC

"Cliff, Just a  quick note to say thank you for your truly remarkable presentation at this past weekend's NSA-DC Speaker Academy. You really were amazing!"  

  • Nicole Malachowski
  • Nicole Malachowski

"Hi Cliff, Thanks again for all of the creative ideas you presented to us at the NSA Speaker Academy on Saturday! I loved your ideas and know that using more creative strategies for promotion would help my business."

  • Cathy Richards, M.A.
  • Inspiring Vitality Now!


"Cliff is a joy to work with! Prepared, organized and fun! When he worked with me he had so many ideas to help me move my business to the next level. His creativity, especially as it relates to marketing, is second to none. Cliff is the consummate professional, keeping his dates and his agreements. He's great at follow up as well. I highly recommend him!"

  • Karen Snyder, CSP
  • Concordia Consulting


"Cliff is such a strong supporter of the promotional products industry overall and the regional associations in particular! He is always willing to offer his knowledge, expertise, and support whenever called upon. One of the things I appreciate about him the most is his practical, real-world approach to helping all of us operate our businesses most effectively. Recently the District 5 Executive Directors asked Cliff to help us kick off our new webinar series, and he came through for us with flying colors. He presented on the topic of "Differentiation in the Current Market Climate of Ever-Increasing Competition." Our attendees were treated to a great assortment of tangible, practical pointers that they can implement immediately and hit the ground running. We had a high level of registration for this event, and great feedback from the attendees. We are looking forward to our next opportunity to work with Cliff - he never disappoints!"

  • Betsy Andrade, MBA CAS ~ Executive Director
  • AZPPA - Arizona Promotional Products Association


"Hi Cliff, It was great meeting you last week after hearing so many great things from Roe. I was able to sit on your Tuesday afternoon session and can easily see what value you bring to everyone there. Fantastic presentation. Hope to see you in the near future at another conference!"



  • Amanda Sexton
  • Focus Works Marketing


"Cliff Quicksell, MAS+ is always a breath of fresh air in my inbox. It's a quick read and today's email was a "stop me in my tracks" email. It got me to thinking . . . change can be scary, uncomfortable, unknown, and change can be good! What's something you've always wanted to do but haven't done it? My change was starting my own business - it was scary, unknown and some people thought I was crazy. With a leap of faith, and a strong work ethic, it's been one of the best experiences of my life. What's holding you back?"Joal McAlister, McAlister Marketing

  • Joal McAlister
  • McAlister Marketing

"Cliff has been a contributor to our magazine now for ten years, and in all that time has never been short of creative ideas, industry insights or helpful advice for business people – both in and out of their working lives. His enthusiasm for the industry is infectious and leaps out of every page. A master motivator and an endless wellspring of ideas, Cliff is a hugely creative thinker and, more importantly, communicates his ideas just as skillfully. No matter how long you’ve been in business, I promise you, Cliff has plenty to teach you."

  • Richard Hollis, Head of Content
  • Promotional Product Distributor Magazine - United Kingdom

"There are literally thousands of speakers to be contracted with to facilitate sessions, whether their purpose is to briefly touch topics of interest (and talk AT YOU), to educate in a very traditional manner (lots and lot of coffee needed), OR they can roll it all into talks that are informative AND entertaining! Cliff Quicksell, MAS+, is one of those speakers. I’ve been acquainted with Cliff for over 20 years – we first met when I was just starting out in an industry I knew nothing about. It was during a session he presented at SAAGA (now GAPPP) that I realized that I had a great deal to learn, and that he was a tremendous source of knowledge. He presented in a way that was engaging, and made a room full of people feel like we were old friends. Since then, my career path has changed, and in my current role, I have had many opportunities to work with the Professional Development committee chairs in securing speakers for events. At Promo University 2017, CAAMP and GAPPP contracted with Cliff to come and speak to a group of about 60 industry professionals, from both the Distributor side and the Supplier side. At the close of the session, the feedback from attendees was off the charts! They were smiling, they were energized, and had nothing but the highest superlatives to offer as commentary. The attendees enjoyed everything about his time with them, from the topics covered, the delivery, the energy, the presentation and materials provided, and especially Cliff himself. I would recommend Cliff to all of my Executive Director peers because his library of topics, expertise, and energetic presentation style is sure to drive attendance, and get butts in seats!"

  • Lisa Bibb, MAS
  • Executive Director GAPPP

“Cliff Quicksell,MAS+ spoke to members AND their clients prior to our annual spring EXPO in Richmond. Cliff has a unique gift of delivering content so it can be digested by all audiences. Attendees raved about his presentation. Cliff spoke to the power of promotional products but also shared principles of branding that could be applied in their individual businesses. 

From an event planner perspective, working with Cliff was a dream. He is a consummate professional and I knew our attendees were in good hands from beginning to end. If you have not had the good fortune to have Cliff speak to your membership or staff, do yourself a favor, book him today.”

  • Dana Geiger
  • Executive Director VAPPA

"Cliff, Your presentation was great in Vegas. The team and staff had a great time and all three of us came back more motivated, more focused, along with a better attitude toward our customers and the rest of the team"

  • Tim Smith, President
  • LogoBoss

"Cliff, thank you for visiting us down in Richmond. Your valuable experience is going to help me and I'm focusing on my vertical markets. I've been in sales my entire adult life and what you shared was one of the best tools I've heard"

  • Monica Glave'
  • Promotional Considerations

"I wanted to write to say thank you very much for travelling to New Zealand to share your knowledge and experience in a very motivating and passionate session with our staff and clients. Our staff really valued your open style and then many ideas we brainstormed together. We would definatley like to bring you back down to New Zealand for another day session in May 2005. The feedback we received from our Clients was also very positive and they too would be very keen to attend individual sessions with you, which we could arrange the day after our Company session. We thought Cliff was a great speaker and very inspirational. He is obviously very knowledgeable and good at what he does with many years of experience and exposure to the business. It gave us a greater understanding of High Impacts diversity and how they like to work with their clients and how the company also has lots of experience and great ideas/designs of their own. Debbie Krajewski, Brand Marketing Co-ordinator, Allied Domecq Wines (NZ) Limited Thanks so much for inviting us to the presentation on Wednesday. Judy and I both really enjoyed >the presentation (not to mention your hospitality!) It was really beneficial to take some time to think more strategically about our promotional activity (something we rarely get to do). We'd love to be involved if you bring Cliff out again. Karen Crabb, Senior Brand Manager, Lion Breweries Limited. Thank you Cliff and look forward to seeing you again at PPAI in Las Vegas."


  • Carol Comer CEO
  • High Impact Marketing Limited - New Zealand

"Cliff...Wow...was what I heard from my clients that sat in on the VAPPA presentation last week.  You blew us all away with ideas and YES...I'm working on R&D as I type...I have a huge presentation & I am trying my best to be Cliff Quicksell...but there's only one...Fantastic presentation...Certainly kept the packed house in full attention mode the entire time. When you talk...people listen...I learn each & every time I'm fortunate enough to be in the audience." 

  • Jeanne Walls, President
  • J.WallsInk!

"Cliff, Thank you for being a part of our 2018 convention. People loved your sessions; they thought your ideas and delivery were great! Thank you!"

  • Jennifer London, eLearning & training Manager
  • Alliance Franchise Brands

"It has been an amazing two years of educational growth thanks to Cliff Quicksell! He is an incredible coach and motivator. His support and continued encouragement has helped me tremendously."

  • Roe Moneta
  • LeRoe Marketing

"The Packaging, Fulfillment & Creative Distribution webinar that Cliff presented had great information! We have a fulfillment team at our company and we’re always looking for new ways to expand these services. My favorite ideas were hang tags on all apparel for programs and custom tissue! We have a client that is in the process of rebranding and I think these two additions could be very beneficial for them in getting their new logo out there! I also plan to look into custom polybags for the apparel we sell. Thanks so much for all of your expertise, Cliff!"

  • Shelly Wermund
  • Competitive Edge

"Cliff Quicksell is an outstanding presenter, workshop facilitator and idea-creating guy! Our organization has had the pleasure of utilizing Cliff's talents several times, in fact, bringing him into two of our Conventions, due to specific requests of our attendees. His knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm all blend to create a great learner's experience and people walked away with actionable things they can deploy in their business for their clients. Thank you Cliff for being "all in" for our participants and really making their time with you count! If you are looking for a professional, motivational and enthusiastic speaker; Cliff Quicksell is the real deal!" Dori Bennett Vice-President Sales & Training

  • Dori Bennett
  • Alliance Franchise Brands, Marketing & Print Division

"Cliff is an amazing speaker, you WILL walk away from his events motivated and with a hat-full of great ideas"

  • Sandra Smiley
  • Complete Source

"I've been going to EXPO for years and always enjoy the classes and seminars. The BEST speaker that I've heard over the years is Cliff Quicksell, Jr.. He brings great energy to the seminars and keeps you engaged; and he will spend time after his presentation is over to answer questions. Additionally, his articles are always filled with great ideas!"

  • Chris Stupf, MAS ~ CEO & Managing Partner
  • Stumpies Marketing Group

"May I humbly write that Cliff does realize really what he knows about advertising and marketing. He oozes knowledge and ideas like a saturated sponge being squeezed and doesn't even know it. Cliff brought me into this business, and taught me that good enough - is not. Great is mediocre. Phenomenal, is par for the course. Cliff can tell - and will let you know the difference. If you want to 'settle', there are plenty of people to be yes men for you, so have a good time elsewhere if that is what you want. You want to succeed, grow, excel, be uncomfortable and actually DO IT. Talk to Quicksell - swallow your pride, LISTEN, Implement, and reap your rewards."

  • Tony Karlicek
  • Lending Director

"Cliff is a very excellent consultant he has help my business in many different areas, he is very creativity and thinks out-of-the box. He helped me promote my business with a direct mail piece that was very effective and also got my company return on its investment. My company also received new business and was able to get in the door with a company that I had been working on for a year. Cliff is honest and straight forward with you when consulting with your company. Yes, I would consultant with Cliff again for my business.“Cliff is a very excellent consultant he has help my business in many different areas, he is very creativity and thinks out-of-the box. He helped me promote my business with a direct mail piece that was very effective and also got my company return on its investment. My company also received new business and was able to get in the door with a company that I had been working on for a year. Cliff is honest and straight forward with you when consulting with your company. Yes, I would consultant with Cliff again for my business."

  • Evelyn Flynn
  • Trade Show Consultant/Branding Consultant/Speaker/TradeShowWiz.com

"Cliff is one of the most knowledgeable, personable and effective leaders in our industry. While I was with my former company, he was instrumental in the success of my business. Over the years, I have attended lectures and conferences with Cliff and it is clear that he has earned the respect of people from every corner of the world!"

  • Lorraine Rosecrans
  • Promotional Marketing Industry Leader; Promotions, Incentives, Loyalty, Experiential & Live Events.

"Cliff is one of a kind. He is a first class speaker and has become very well known in the UK in his time working with Trade Only and with just cause. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you as a speaker, consultant, business coach or motivator.  He works hard and has a wonderful way of just saying things as they need to be said.  Cliff is a very straight forward guy, honest and generous and good fun to be with. I am honoured to call him a friend and know I can always call on him at any time."

  • Nigel Bailey
  • Event Director

"I have had the pleasure of attending a number of motivational talks and a 3 day seminar presented by Cliff Quicksell. I'm always in awe of his creativity, and the ease in which he stands in front of so many people and shares valuable messages with his audience. He is a Professional Speaker and a very talented guy on so many levels. His enthusiasm and positive energy are truly contagious!"

  • Kim Weaver, CAS
  • Sales Partner/Certified Advertising Specialist at Geiger

"Cliff is extremely creative, and positive, an intelligent and always thought provoking speaker. With high energy and a positive approach he imprints on his students a clear insight into sales and marketing that carries them to new higher levels of thinking and actions."

  • Hersch Wellman
  • President, HW&A Productions, Inc.

"Cliff, thank you so much for presenting another webinar. Our members really appreciate your experience and you’re fantastic to work with!"

  • Jody Mello
  • Associate Manager of Professional Development PPA International

"Cliff is a powerful speaker/motivator/author that brings decades of real life story telling and experience to the audience. I have seen him on many occasions and walk away with new insights on the Art of Selling and Marketing every time!"

  • Bert Szostak
  • Business Loans │Business Line of Credit │Alternative Lending