"...You can’t serve from an empty cup”

  • Jan 6, 2020


“Self-care is NOT selfish;
You can’t serve from an empty cup”

~ Confucius

I have a long-time rule of thumb…
I come first, Family second, Friends third, Work last.

Read further before you take off my head…

If I am not whole mentally, physically and spiritually, how can those around me,
those that depend on me, those I care most about, benefit if there’s any void in my life.

My family, friends and work are extremely important to me; in many cases they depend on me,
they need me sharp, all in, whole; if not they’re not getting the very best of me,
and they deserve my very best – and so do I.

Create a regiment of doing for yourself.
Do things for you that lift you up, make you feel good and maintain that ‘self-care’.

You’re so worth it!

Until next week, create a self-care self, 
everyone will benefit and you’ll feel amazing. ~ CQ

Cliff Quicksell Jumpstart Monday©