“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” ~ Ken Blanchard

  • Oct 1, 2019


Constructive criticism and positive feedback like “cash” are the lifeblood of any organization, the question is;
Does your organization or company have a policy in place where it openly solicits constructive feedback and good ideas?  How are individuals rewarded for their input?


Years ago a major airline implemented a program whereby they solicited ALL their staff to give feedback and suggestions on how to make the airline streamlined and more profitable.  Interestingly a suggestion came from a very unlikely group of people.  Seems as though the individuals who were removing the garbage and trash from the planes after the flight landed noticed that (this is when they served meals regularly on flights) the vast majority of plates being removed still had the olive garnish still on them. 

After a careful examination on the potential repercussions of removing the olives from the menu they did just that - they removed the olives from the menu.


The following year the airline, from that small reduction, realized a cost savings of over $40,000.00….just for olives – imagine that.


What in your organization could be streamlined? Could you develop an internal reward program for your company for excellent suggestions?  What about being proactive and developing a suggestion program for your clients where they could reward the “good ides” with premiums. to their staff? 

Given our economy, I believe most companies would relish a program that would help them on saving money and at the same time build loyalty and camaraderie.


Put on your thinking caps folks; opportunities are just waiting for you IF you’re thinking!


Until next week, continued success…CQ