"Time for Your to QUIT!"

  • Nov 18, 2019


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up!
The most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more time

Thomas Edison

When do you throw in the towel, when do you say enough - I’m done?

Giving up is easy; being persistent, looking at different ways to accomplish a
task, and NOT giving up…well, that’s difficult.

Many times, the answer or solution to a problem lies right around the
next corner; however by giving up, you’ll never make the turn.

When you feel you’ve exhausted every possible solution, put it aside
for a bit of time, come back to it and try again.  I find
by clearing my mind and distancing myself from the problem,
I return focused, with a fresh look and a different perspective.

If it was worth starting, it’s worth pursuing.

Be strong, try again, just one more time…and then again.

The answer is right around the corner.

As always, Continued Good Sales & Success - CQ